Using HostPapa Website Builder when you have an existing PHP website

HostPapa Website Builder uses PHP files to build your site. If you have PHP files on your website created using a program other than Website Builder, they may be overwritten when you publish your new website.

Whether your files get overwritten depends on the file type and the file name, as follows:

  • Any PHP files with the same file name as your new files in Website Builder will be overwritten, including index.php.
  • If you have an index file with an extension other than PHP, it will not be overwritten but will automatically be renamed (for example, to index.html.old).
  • None of your files will be overwritten until the first time you publish from within the Website Builder tool itself.

It’s a good idea to save or backup your existing files before publishing from Website Builder. This will allow you to restore them if you need the files for any reason. 

HostPapa Automated Website Backup is an excellent solution for this. Please click on your region below to learn more.

If you need help with your HostPapa account, please open a support ticket from your dashboard.

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